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The energy that fills the Cosmos and underlies gravity is still a mystery to science. It affects thoughts, emotions and actions of everyone. Unfortunately, these three components of human nature can play both a creative and a destructive role. In fact, physicists, physicians and biologists, have long known this.

However, do we manage to use their knowledge for the benefit of society, is a separate issue.

Of course, like any process, the impact of cosmic energy on humans has specific dimensions. They are presented in the form of results that any public entity – an individual, a family, a city or a state generates as a result of its members’ activities. In order to understand what these results are, we can simply refer to the statistics of the achievements of each of the above-mentioned public formations. If we decide to measure how the human race has evolved over the past 100 years, we can measure the characteristics of its success or failure, based on the information already accumulated.

Here we may also ask ourselves about the reasons for the rise and decline of processes in our world. Is it possible to anticipate the unfavourable stages of our future development solely on the basis of our experience so far? Have we measured at what moments the creative impetus comes to us and in which – the destructive one? Why and how do some people manage to avoid the risks whilst others even do not suspect their existence? Why an undertaking is successful despite its imperfections, and another, even if carefully planned, is doomed to failure? Hubble

The method of bio-astrology can answer such questions. It’s a unique combination of scientific measurements and analyses accounting for biological and astrophysical rhythms in nature. The Bulgarian biologist, Mr. Vergil Stoynov, with whom we met and conversed recently in Sofia, has developed the methods of exploring the positive and negative energies affecting the activity of individuals. We suggest you read his opinion on “biorhythms as an alternative method for preventing risks from individual terrorist attacks.”

– Hello, would you present yourself in a few words, please.

Hello. I’m an alternative biologist. This means one who walks along the borderlines of science, trying to peep beyond them and to expand the island of knowledge. In short, I am interested in non-chemical interactions in nature. (Such are, for example, the induction of congenital birthmarks and malformations due to stress during pregnancy or the development of the branching pattern in plants.) Investigating these non-genetic interactions, I have established a clear link between biorhythms and the spatial organization of organisms. It turned out that the biological clock is inseparably conjugated to the gravitational cycles. Therefore, it is external. For this reason, it is independent from chemical conditions and temperature and acts directly at all levels, including molecular. The gravitational cycle, for instance, affects directly enzymes in living organism and modifies their activity so each enzyme molecule operates as a biological clock and is always synchronized with other molecules of its kind. I started from biology and arrived at something close to the subject of one of the oldest sciences, namely medical astrology. Subsequently, I succeeded in rationalizing the main astrological influences and bringing them down to biological instincts. It turned out, for instance, that zodiacal signs are enhanced archetypal instincts. They implant at the onset of the respiratory cycle due to the great physiological stress that accompanies it, and this happens at birth. They correspond precisely to phases of the gravitational cycle formed by Earth’s orbiting around the Sun. It seems that the zodiacal signs do not have evolutionary expediency, but they affect survival, intra-species diversity and evolution anyway. Yet, like the biological clocks, they operate at fundamental level and determine even the metabolic rate and type.

– Tell us about the method of risk prevention based on the biorhythm formed by the electromagnetic influences that space exerts on humans and Earth?

Let me first correct your question. Cosmic bodies do not irradiate us with electromagnetic radiation, but affect us with changes in gravitational density of space near Earth. This clarification is very important from a physical point of view because it explains why electromagnetic measuring instruments cannot detect cosmic influences and why Earth or other planets do not screen them. The pulsating density of space affects the equilibrium of biochemical reactions and is both a biological clock and an archetypal creator.

It is known, for example, that the temperament depends on the month of birth, and that different zodiacal archetypes have different criminal propensities. (A book about the specific criminality of the different zodiac signs written by an examining magistrate was published in Bulgaria years ago.) But this is only a small fraction of the information implanted by the birth moment and derivable from it. There are many more indicators. That is why the propensity for religiosity, fanaticism, extremism, suicide and others as well as the time when they are strongest are detectable in one’s horoscope. I have found some new indicators for these tendencies in addition to the classic ones. Also, I have found indicators that are conductive to radicalism and religious fanaticism, which offers a unique method of filtering potential terrorists. Several years I have explored the biorhythms set by the birthdays of the extremists who recently terrorized Europe and in dates of terrorist acts. The pattern that I have found occurs not only in terrorists, but in their leaders and organizations. From the several dozen cases that I’ve examined only one is a partial exception to the model. Subsequently, it turned out that the person in question played a secondary role and his brother involved him in the terrorist activity.

After the model began to repeat itself, I stopped publishing and exploration the issue closely. Later, I noticed that there are factors indicating the location of the attacks and continued my observations. Last year, I made an unpretentious forecast of dates of terrorist acts until the end of the year. For a few months, my forecasts have come true, but latter I discontinued my observations due to lack of opportunity. Recently there was a mass shooting at a high school in Kerch Polytechnic College massacre (Crimea). The shooter’s birthday is unknown, but the date of the massacre carries all the indications of terrorism in Europe, except for religious fanaticism. Certainly, I would have included it in the forecast as exhibiting high probability of terroristic act if I still supported the forecast. This massacre was compared to Columbine High School massacre in 1999. the bio-astrological indicators of both cases exhibit great similarity and therefore both are predictable from a statistical point of view and the first is not cause of the other.

– How this method could be used to effectively prevent the risks associated with terrorism?

The method can have at least two basic applications, social and individual, each of them having levels of complexity. This is because the cosmic rhythms act on all, but their effect breaks through the individualities.

On the one hand, the method shows the dates when the probability of attacks and accidents is greatest for everyone. Even the simplest graphical representation of cosmic rhythms is able to show risky days. I have exhibited many such two-line graphics on my site for seven consecutive years, with the terrorist attacks shown in some of them. (Here are some examples.) Despite these graphs are of the simplest possible kind, they still provide valuable guidance. Much more informative graphical representations of these influences can be prepared, but they are more complex. (The last of the graphs shown demonstrates the inclusion of a qualitative factor affecting extremism that explains the peak of terrorist acts that otherwise remains hidden in the less specific two-line graph.) It is clear that rising the police vigilance for the days of the attacks in line with critical peaks the graphs indicate could aid prevention of terrorist acts.

Bio1 EN

Bio2 EN

On the other hand, the method shows the inborn predisposition of individuals to radicalization, and when it is most likely to develop in their lives. It allows focusing on fewer suspects and prevention. There is no doubt that both applications of the method would increase the effectiveness of police work on many occasions. I have published many of my findings. Finally, I found that there are also markers of the preferential location of the terrorist acts when it is spontaneous and therefore subconsciously targeted. These markers, however, are the most complex indicators. I have dedicated several articles to them; I could not help myself after I found them. The bio-astrological method allows the proclivity of individuals for spontaneous radicalization be known, which, to my knowledge, no other method offers.

Bio3 EN


The graphs show the correspondence of terrorist acts (indicated by black arrows) with critical indicators (peaks, intersections, and distances) of the two-line graph of gravity density cycles.

– But does such a practice contain the risk of suspecting innocent persons, without evidence of their intentions?

There is always the risk of errors. But in this case it is much smaller than one would suppose, and there are ways to reduce it. The method is based on statistics rather than on dogmatic theory and can be confirmed and improved by statistical and mathematical analysis. And what does the phrase “evidence of intentions” mean? Aren’t the normal psychological profiles of suspected potential criminals targeting the disclosure of evil intentions too? Currently, suspects of extremism are thousands in each large city, and many of them will prove their guilt only at the time of the terrorist act. Let me point out that the police methods of assuming criminal intentions are indirect, while this method is direct as far as statistical approach is direct, although the current scientific paradigm do not fully understand its underlying mechanism of action.

If the police is afraid to suspect, police officers will act as firemen or medical doctors. The real risk of the method is not that someone innocent will be secretly suspected, but that the method can miss potential criminals. Even so it will just be like many other ineffective police techniques.

– Have you completed your analyses and observations so that your method is fully operative and ready to be applied in practice if it reaches the factors that are committed to peace and security in Europe? Where do you think your method can be applied best?

Yes, I can say that I have completed the analyses. I have finished the observations that I can do unaided. I have found regularities that I think would undoubtedly increase the effectiveness of police work on filtering potential terrorists. But the object of investigation is really huge and the same applies to its analysis, so it will always remain open for improvement. The method may be most useful against potential terrorists associated with radical Middle East religious circles operating in Weston countries, mostly in Europe but also in America and Australia. After some remodeling, it could be adapted for other countries or for non-religious terrorism as well. Safety BG

– How does Bulgaria fit into such a project as a part of the European Union despite it’s still outside Schengen?

Bulgaria is slightly threatened by religious extremism so far. Besides, its institutions are still too conservative to be intrigued by such a method. I haven’t even tried to offer it to them. Still, the two major bombings that took place in Bulgaria carry the bio-astrological features typical of religious fundamentalism that has emerged in the Middle East.

Interesting is the fact that during the communist years the KGB and the Bulgarian secret services used classical astrology to check the reliability of all their associates. They have found Ptolemy rules that are nearly 2000 years old useful. The modern computer techniques and bio-astrological methods allow these rules to be greatly refined. Why the modern law-enforcement authorities should ignore such an invaluable tool? The method can be applied to other potential criminal tendencies, although it has to be worked out specifically for the respective criminal profile.

– Thanks for this interview!


For questions on the topic “Bio-astrology” you can contact the author of the method (in English or Bulgarian) at: biological.astrology@gmail.com or vergilst@gmail.com



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