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Fundaments of Leadership (online seminar)

        The Organization of European Integration (ORFEI e.V.) renews its active work in communicating important topics in the fields of culture, science and economy as an important prerequisite for the sustainable development of modern society.
Sharing the concept that modern Leadership should be built through the implementation of an adequate business culture, access to everyone’s knowledge and an active exchange of information, our programme will now include online seminars, open lectures and talks on topics conducive to cultural integration in Europe and the principles of effective governance.

       The new type of leaders are called to introduce from the very beginning the right soil, i.e. Business Culture, in which to sprout and bear fruit the values and vision of success they have visited. It is not always necessary that the Leader is a Manager, but it is crucial that the Manager acquires the qualities and skills of a Leader!

      Because the management of any organization, company or country (and at all levels) should not be an arbitrary set of administrative functions. No matter what the industry, size or experience of an organisation, at the heart of its success should be a proper framework in which all the components for ultimate success are rigorously defined.


       The seminar is free of charge and suitable for students and young professionals whose professional goals and responsibilities include the need to acquire additional knowledge in the field of management.

            Applications are accepted by e-mail. Invitations to attend will be sent as a reply and will contain a link to the event. If necessary, the organisers reserve the right to make changes to the date and time of the event, which will be notified to participants at least 1 week in advance of the event date.


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