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Great success of Bulgarian community in Macedonia!ohrid

Despite last 16 years of restrictions, provocations and brutal actions against Bulgarian Ethnicity defenders in Macedonia, the justice finally prevails! Considering the  European Court of Human Rights’ statement in Strasbourg, the authorities in Skopje recognized “RADKO Association” as legitimate (Central Registrar decision N-30120140031889 / 06.10.2016).

The struggle of the Vladimir Pankov and his followers is worthy of respect and support for all who care about the right to self-determination, regardless of the countries they inhabit. Despite the obstacles that this pro-Bulgarian organization has faced, it succeeded to overcome all injustices with enormous efforts and willpower, giving a new hope for the preservation of Bulgarian identity as well as Bulgarian language in Macedonia. This is another proof that the spirit of man is elated by the righteousness of the cause for which it fights. Therefore, there are no obstacles to stumble achieving of its objectives.

Dear Bulgarian friends in Bayern, please join us to congratulate Bulgarian community in Ohrid. Let us join the strength of their spirit which do not stop to keep high the banner of Bulgarian identity in Macedonia, despite of innumerable sufferings, hardships and threats to which they were subjected up-to now! We do hope that there will be no more violation towards both human/civil rights of Bulgarians in Macedonia. 

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“We will not refuse to be dignified Bulgarians henceforth as before”

The main tasks of the association RADKO are:

• Bulgarians from Macedonia to contribute the Constitution of the State;

• One of the official languages of Macedonia to be a Bulgarian literary language;

• Promotion of Bulgarian history and culture;

• Resumption of the necessary cultural and educational and religious institutions in Macedonia similar to the Bulgarian cultural and educational and religious institutions that existed in the Republic of Macedonia during the Ottoman Empire, adapted to modern conditions and needs;

• Protection against misappropriation and falsification of Bulgarian history and culture;

• Protect the Bulgarians in Macedonia against repression, surveillance and harassment, persecution, discrimination and cultural genocide;

• Resumption of spiritual and cultural unity of Bulgarians from Macedonia with Bulgarians from Bulgaria.

This means that the main tasks RADKO simply can be summarized into 2 basic requirements:

1. Recognition of the right of the state of the Bulgarians from Macedonia.

2. Recognition of the cultural autonomy of the Bulgarians from Macedonia they already had from the Ottoman Empire.”

source: RADKO Association


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